Camera choices.

I’m about to set forth an another international adventure where I will see and an experience amazing things, and yet I always return with an inadequate collection of photos for my trouble. The problem stems from the camera’s I own and their inability to meet my requirements. I have a Canon 450D which takes great photos but is far too large and bulky to drag around in carry on luggage. My favourite camera is a 35mm Lomo Kompact Automat which takes gorgeously saturated photos, but the process of getting film printed and converted to digital is expensive and impractical, let alone it takes me years to collect enough rolls of film to make processing economically viable. My most used camera is the one I have in my pocket, my iPhone, but it takes unreliable images that lack depth and vibrance.

I do have an old point and shoot camera but it’s so old, the resolution is less than my iPhone and it take pretty poor images in low light. Ideally, I need a camera that is small enough to carry around in my backpack, takes great pictures and HD video. I’d also like for it to be automated and easy to use, but manual enough that I can improve my photographic skills.

A tough ask, I know. But I think I may have found two cameras that match the bill. Each offers their own unique spin on my problem and i’m torn between the options…

I’m talking about the FujiFilm X10 and it’s more professional older brother, the FujiFilm X100. Both camera’s offer compelling arguments, and after a bit of deliberation I am angling more towards the X10; but i’m worried that i’ll regret the purchase as I really like the fixed 35mm lens, the better image quality and the silver metallic look (vain, I know). You can read a detailed comparison on the X10 versus the X100 Snapsort (a fantastic website that I’ve only just come across).

You can get great prices on Digital Rev with the X10 coming in at $595 and the X100 at $1070. What would you do?


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